Director of MHPF since November 2017

Richard Taylor graduated from Sydney University with a 1st class honours degree in Veterinary Science in 1987. He then spent two years working with the Mackinnon Project, a farm advisory service based at Melbourne University, during which time he completed a Masters in Veterinary Studies, with a focus on livestock production and genetics.

In 1990 he went back to manage the family agricultural business, in conjunction with his father and brother. The operation has since tripled in scale, and now runs 50,000 sheep and 5,000 beef cattle on the Monaro and South West Slopes of NSW.

In the 2000’s Richard was a founder and director of Growth Farms, a farm management company which now manages over $400 million of rural properties in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. In his role with Growth Farms, he was responsible for the acquisition and management of the MHPF farms, and in early 2015 ceased his role at Growth farms to become MHPF's CEO & Managing Director. Richard was CEO until being appointed Deputy Chair of the Group in November 2017.

Richard is also Chairman of Monaro Farming Systems, which delivers region specific R&D and extension.